Read our full Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Currently we collect only your name, birthdate and the location of where you first logged into the app, so that we can better serve stops all around you.

Our application is not designed to track you or exploit your data. Oppositely, we’re here to let you connect with place and time leverage your geo-postion on your own behalf so that you can more securely express yourself in new ways, with context. If you do not explicitly share your geo-position or data with yourself or the Stops community via Stops, then we’re not collecting it from you.

To full experience the Stops application, you’ll need to Allow the following when registering or accessing:

  • Stops needs access to your Bluetooth in order to help with indoor navigation and Augmented Reality (3D) experiences.
  • Stops requires access to your device Camera so that you can update your profile image, take pictures and see content in Augmented Reality (3D).
  • Stops needs access to your Location so that you can see your current position on a map and more easily get to stops.
  • Stops requests access to your device’s Microphone so that you can record videos.
  • Stops requires access to your device’s Motion sensors to help better navigate you and provide 3D experiences.
  • Stops needs access to your device’s Photo Library so that you can upload and download photos, create stops and share photos with your friends.